We can’t believe Naiya will be turning one on August 30th–especially because our baby with all the leg rolls is already fitting into 12-18 month clothing! Naiya has been growing so quickly, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with stocking her closet. I keep folding up her 6-12 month outfits to store away and can’t believe how quickly time is going. I totally ugly cried a few nights ago watching videos of Naiya on my phone from every month of her life so far. Phil came downstairs and probably thought I was a nut. This parenting thing is so crazy emotional! How have Phil and I been parents for almost a year? Then again, it feels like a lifetime at the same time. 


Blogger, RELish and her family

Along with today’s outfit of the day (a bright pink mumu because…#momlife), I’m excited to share a guest post by my hubby, Phil. I last interviewed him here about how his experience in becoming a first-time dad.  Since it looks like that post was one of your all-time favorites, my wordsmith of a husband is back today by popular demand. This time, I asked him to open up a bit about his version of our love story. Since some of you may be newer to this blog and I haven’t shared too much about how we met since our wedding posts (more here, here and here), I’m excited for Phil to get you all caught up below in his own words. 


I can’t believe summer is already so close to over–especially since it’s currently a whopping 112 degrees in LA! Regardless of the fact that we’re roasting away out here, every August, I love sprinkling pieces into my wardrobe that can seamlessly carry over into fall. Excited to share a lace dress with you today you need to know about because it’s a perfect transitional piece, it’s affordable and uber-versatile.


Blogger, RELish By Arielle wears a Chicwish watercolor maxi dres

Phil, Naiya and I are gearing up to travel to the east coast for a wedding in the next couple of weeks. Aside from already starting to pack ALL the baby things, I’m already on a quest to nail the perfect dress for the wedding. Sharing one of my latest finds with you today that I’m absolutely loving! The best part? It is currently on major sale at less than $50.00 and you can nail another 10% off from there using the code E10 at checkout.


As I recently shared here, I’ve finally started to get back into painting for the first time since having Naiya and it feels so liberating. I don’t think I realized how important it is to have this creative outlet that allows me to completely decompress until I became a mom.  New mom life is so rewarding but it can also be beyond draining! Painting has become my secret sauce for true relaxation and I’ve  greatly enjoyed infusing it back into my life at least once a week. Sharing what creativity means to me today along with some recent creative mother-daughter moments with Naiya and I below.