Wedding InspirationTHE LOOK: (A) Vintage Chanel Bag / (B) Christian Louboutin Iriza Strass Crystal Pumps / (C) Regnant Halo / (D) Vintage Wedding Dress / (E) Monolo Blahnik Blue Shoes / (F) Flower Bouquet / (G) Open-Back Wedding Gown / (H) Sequenced Back Wedding Gown / (I) Tiffany & Co. Earrings / (J) Succulent Flower Bouquet

I can’t believe I have been engaged for one day shy of a month now (not that anyone is counting!).  After my surprise engagement to my amazing boyfriend, Phil Galanty, during the holidays, I felt like I was floating.  Phil proposed to me while we were visiting family on the east coast and from that moment on, everyone was asking us if we had picked our wedding date yet.  Let the record show that although we are getting closer to figuring out exactly when this fabulous shindig is going down, we have yet to pick the exact date.

I have, however, spent countless hours on my new wedding pinterest board (talk about a new addiction), pinning some of my favorite looks to get inspired for the big day.  Above, I have put together some of my favorite pieces so far for your viewing pleasure.  Right now, I am loving elegant backs on wedding dresses, vibrant flowers and an overall vintage, romantic feel.  As for the rest of our wedding planning, we can’t wait to nail down more solid plans stat! More information to follow as we continue to get our act together!