I’m so excited to share my first post since Phil and I have officially become parents! Our daughter, Naiya Lennon Galanty was born August 30th at 11:40pm at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. She was 7 pounds and 21 inches of pure cuteness and she has completely melted our hearts.  We are so in love and so exhausted at the same time and the past couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind. Naiya has already started to grow and change so much and she’s not even two weeks old yet. Time is already flying by and we’re trying our best to savor every minute.


August 24th was our daughter’s official due date but she’s still apparently very comfortable and is cooking away! The past two nights, I’ve had really intense contractions that were so bad, I was convinced they were the real deal and we needed to head to the hospital. That said, since they were not happening in repetitive intervals and they were kind of all over the place, we knew the hospital wouldn’t admit us yet. 


Hello, August 24, 2017! Phil and I have been dreaming of this day for what seems like forever because it’s our daughter’s official due date. Even though she’s not showing any new signs of coming out just yet, this still feels like such a special day and we’re so thankful to have made it here.  I’ve heard from so many other moms that first time moms usually go into labor late but I honestly can’t believe I’m still preggo!  We have our 40 week OB appointment today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we find out some good news.


When it came to having a baby shower, unlike most preggo moms to be who I know, I originally felt more nervous than excited! Since this pregnancy has not been a walk in the park and I’ve mostly felt so sick with 24-hour nausea, Phil and I have been cautiously optimistic every step of the way. That said, my sweet mom and sister would not take ‘no’ for an answer and they flew out from the east coast a few weeks back to throw an intimate shower for Phil and I with some close friends and family. 


Going on 34 weeks preggo this week and our new digs are finally starting to come together! Our first week was not the easiest–we moved in on a Monday night, had an out of town wedding the following weekend and it was so tough to find the time between work to unpack our boxes. That said, since both of our families were coming into town this weekend, we pulled as many of our rooms together as we could and our house is really starting to become a home!