Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle shares her favorite diaper backpack

Happy Monday, Everyone! Since Naiya was born, I feel like I’ve been on a constant quest to find the perfect diaper bag. Do any new mamas out there have the same problem? It’s one of the hardest things to find! I’ve been searching for something functional, lightweight, durable and cute for months now.  While numerous bags I’ve tried have checked two or three of these boxes, it’s been almost impossible to find a bag that kills it on all of the above.  With that said, I’m so excited to share one of my all-time favorite diaper bags with you today because I think I’ve found the holy grail.  Along with today’s mom and baby outfit post, I’m sharing where to snag this bag, what makes it so unique and why you need it in your life too.


Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle, wears a gray Chicwish maxi skirt

Since I was almost entirely bald for the first year of my life (before my #bighairdontcare came in), my mom would spend hours hand-making me bows.  Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because as soon as I learned Phil and I were having a baby girl, I couldn’t stop building up Naiya’s bow collection too.  Thankfully, I’ve found so many bows I love online, I don’t have to spend hours making them myself (because those of you who know me best know that I would totally do that!).  


I’ve been on a quest to revamp my entire denim wardrobe for a few months now (more about that here). After my “fourth trimester,” it was so difficult to figure out what actually fit and what I would feel most comfortable in.  Post-baby, pants were the hardest part! While I was no longer prego, I still had a bump and buttoning pants was the worst. Sharing one of my favorite pairs of white denim I scooped up recently. This pair of pants is so versatile, perfect for the office and thanks to their high waist, I found them to be a lifesaver post-baby too.


winter hat with pom pom, wide legged cropped pants, red moto jacket, black turtleneck

Today’s outfit combines a few of my favorite wardrobe staples of the moment: red moto jackets, wide-legged pants and turtlenecks.  As a petite girl (I’m 5″4 on a good day!), I stayed away from wide legged pants for a while because I thought they would drown me and possibly make me look shorter.  That said, I recently dipped a toe in with these patterned ones (similar here and here) and I loved them so much, I’m now I am filling up my closet with more.  It turns out that high-waisted wide legged pants actually elongate petite frames–especially when paired with a nude heel. They also look great on all different body types because they cinch right at the tiniest part of your waist and they add volume to your lower-half in a good way.


Celebrating 29 weeks of pregnancy today! Phil and I finally took our first class last night at LA’s The Pump Station and it was super eye-opening. It was a three hour breast feeding class (lucky Phil!) and now I’m bracing myself for the first three months of motherhood even more so than before (but I’m thankful for all of the intel!). Thankful for such a supportive hubby