Happy Monday from the east coast! I’m on the last big trip I’m allowed to take during my pregnancy before I can no longer fly and I’m enjoying every minute. It’s crazy to think that this will be my last time traveling before I’m a officially a mom and there’s something so special about that. I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being able to pick everything up and go at the drop of a hat throughout my career so far and I’m doing my best to mentally prepare myself for the next couple of years (and beyond!) of having more responsibility at home (and keeping a tiny human alive and healthy!).  As I write this, I’m looking around at moms throughout JFK airport who are juggling infants, giant mom bags and they look super stressed out. I can barely wrap my head around it all right now but of course I am excited for this next chapter.


Teaming up with Gray Monroe today to share a classic black romper I’ve been living in recently. I love that it’s not technically maternity but that it has such a comfy, loose fit. I also love that it’s wearable now, a couple of months down the road when my bump is sure to pop even more and hopefully after pregnancy too. Better yet, it’s currently on sale for just $30.00 so you can’t go wrong (pregnant or not!).


I can’t believe I’m officially six months preggo today.  I know I still have a bunch of time to go but this feels like such a big milestone.  When I first started to experience terrible morning sickness back in December, I remember wondering how I could possibly make it through a week, let alone six months of nausea. So thankful that I’ve come this far! The human body is truly amazing and I still can’t believe I’m growing a human.