I’ve officially entered a new stage of quarantine fashion–the ‘all dresses everything’ (and overgrown eyebrows) phase. I’ve been living in romantic maxi dresses over the past few weeks because they’re SO much comfier than pants in this 100 degree heat!  I also love that they instantly make me feel more put together while Zooming away all day every day from my home office. Rounding up a few of my favorite romantic dresses of the moment–all at different price points. 


illustrations (4 of 8)

Phil and I flew from LA to Washington D.C. this morning to celebrate the holidays with family. Now that we’ve landed, I can’t believe it’s actually warmer here than it’s been in LA. 70 Degrees in December on the east coast is pretty crazy and although I packed all of my winter gear, we’re thankful not to have to layer up this year!  Fashion-wise, I’ve been painting a lot of holiday inspiration recently and this red gown is one of my favorites.



Happy Thursday, everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost February (and Valentine’s Day!). January has completely flown by–I started a new job, I’ve been in crazy wedding planning mode with my fiancé (less than three months to go until the big day!) and I’ve also been down for the count this week with bronchitis. All of that said, it’s been tough to post as much as usual and I’ve been a bit M.I.A.! 



I’m loving my new prisma colored markers that my fiance bought me for the holidays! I can’t get enough of their vibrant colors and the fact that they blend together so well.  I timed myself in drawing today’s illustration: I gave myself fifteen minutes to make it happen. I’ve been timing myself a lot lately to see how much detail I can throw into my pieces quickly. This allows me to always find the time to draw and get inspired even after such long work days.