Just over two weeks into welcoming Sadie Amelie into our lives, I still can’t believe I’m a mom to another daughter! My heart has expanded further than I ever could have imagined and I feel like the luckiest mama alive!  Excited to share Sadie’s birth story with you today as well as some of our favorite photos from the first few minutes she came into the world.  Phil and I will savor these shots forever and we’re so grateful they’ll help us to relive one of the most incredible moments of our lives for years to come.


I can’t believe Naiya is turning three weeks old tonight. I feel like we’ve known her forever–except in the middle of the night when she cries uncontrollably for hours, can’t stop cluster feeding and fights going to sleep–but that’s another story. Good thing she’s so cute! I’m excited to share her birth story with you today. Get ready for a very long post and probably more photos than I’ve ever posted at one time but I can’t help myself!