Three more sleeps until 2021 and I’m still stuck somewhere in May of 2020. Anybody else?! This year was bizarre, uncertain and somehow, the fastest I’ve ever experienced. While we can’t go out safely this year to celebrate, New Year’s glam does not have to be canceled! We can still get dressed up to ring in the New Year in style. Sharing New Years Eve outfit inspo with you today–from comfy sparkly pieces to dresses I’m loving.  All of these pieces can be styled in chic ways for the rest of 2021 too.


Since giving birth to Naiya seven weeks ago today (I can’t believe how quickly time is flying!), I’ve mostly been wearing a lot of basics around the house on repeat. Between pumping, nursing, cleaning countless dirty diapers and trying to get at least a tiny bit of sleep in, getting dressed (let alone showering or having time to look halfway decent) has been nearly impossible. That said, when I pulled out this comfy floral dress I’d been eyeing in my closet for a while and decided to actually get dressed this week for a change, I felt so more like myself than I have in a very long time; it was so liberating! 



The holidays are finally so close, I can see the light! I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been going a million miles a minute since Thanksgiving. I’m counting down the days until I can finally breathe, slow down and relax with my hubby, family and friends. I’m so thankful for this time of year because it always reminds me what is most important in life and it’s the perfect time to restart, recharge and to create new goals. 


Boho Dress (17 of 24)

I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are zooming by! I hope everyone is having such a wonderful time with family and friends.  Phil and I are still in the Washington D.C. area taking in all of the sites as we gear up for my best friend’s wedding New Year’s Eve. Thankfully, D.C. is also Phil’s hometown so we’re having a great time running around and seeing all of his favorite places.


Shop Spring

The holidays always sneak up on me and this year was no exception.  I’m thankful to be teaming up with Spring today because this site has been such a lifesaver for me this holiday season. The site is a one-stop shop that helped me to find my favorite brands and gift ideas for everyone on my list.  As I shopped, I also couldn’t help but set aside a list of looks I’m eyeing for myself in the New Year too. It never hurts to at least look! #Agirlcandream.