37 weeks pregnant in vionic Paloma wedge heels

As a busy full-time working mama, giving up comfort for style is a non-negotiable. I’m constantly balancing running after our non-stop toddler with being in the office or on set and my feet need to be pain-free to do all the things! Excited to share a shoe brand with you today that I’m loving for all of the above reasons and more.  Also sharing a much-needed bump-date! This baby could come any day now!


As a new mama, when it first came time to buy the perfect carseat for Naiya, I was totally lost.  There were so many options out there at all different price points and I remember feeling totally overwhelmed! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect carseat and are feeling the same way, this post is for you! Sharing the affordable carseat brand that’s been a lifesaver for us since Naiya was born.  Excited to also share how it’s grown with Naiya throughout the first almost two years of her life.


LA blogger, RELish's daughter, Naiya, wears a PatPat tutu

Writing from Reno-Tahoe where I’m spending a couple days away with my hubby. It’s only my second time away from Naiya since she was born and it was so hard to leave her! Phil convinced me to come with him on this business trip so that we could get a little time away together.  In the end, I’m so happy he convinced me!  Missing Naiya like crazy but it’s so refreshing to have a quick breather outside of Los Angeles (and to practice not being a #stagefiveclinger. We snapped these photos right before we left of Naiya in the cutest tutu dress and me in one of my favorite scarf dresses. Sharing our outfit details below as well as a few similar looks I’m eyeing at all different price points.


Whether you own your own business or you’re someone who dabbles in social media for fun, in today’s crazy world, we have all become our own brands. Over the past couple of months, I’ve received a bunch of messages from people asking me how to grow their brands on social media from the ground up.  Since I’ve enjoyed connecting with them so much individually, today I’m sharing the top 5 ways you too can build your own brand from the ground-up and ultimately become your own boss.


The uber-hot weather finally broke a bit here in LA this week! It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s just in time for Halloween and it’s finally time to break out my favorite “fall” looks. As a native New York stater, fall here in LA will always feel  more like summer to me because it never really cools down here (especially by Halloween!) but I have so much more fun layering up because I rarely have to worry about it actually being cold.