Three more sleeps until 2021 and I’m still stuck somewhere in May of 2020. Anybody else?! This year was bizarre, uncertain and somehow, the fastest I’ve ever experienced. While we can’t go out safely this year to celebrate, New Year’s glam does not have to be canceled! We can still get dressed up to ring in the New Year in style. Sharing New Years Eve outfit inspo with you today–from comfy sparkly pieces to dresses I’m loving.  All of these pieces can be styled in chic ways for the rest of 2021 too.


Los Angeles style blogger, RELish By Arielle wears a pink trench coat by Chicwish

Writing away from the rainiest Los Angeles I’ve seen in years! Before moving here from New York, I could never understand how anyone could complain about the rain.  After all, most of the country gets hit with snow, sleet and freezing cold weather this time of year!  But living here in SoCal and seeing the dangerous mudslides and crazy flooding, it all makes so much more sense.  This place has no drainage! Today, I’m sharing an outfit we snuck in between all of the weather madness. Featuring the sweetest pink trench coat I can’t get enough of and a bunch of comfy basics I paired with it. Also, I’m sharing the same outfit in mini form for your baby or toddler. Naturally, a mini pink trench coat is now one of my favorite staples for Naiya and I found one that’s durable and affordable!


Have you ever thought about what success means to you? Have you ever really taken the time to break it down? My husband was one of the first people to ask me these questions.  I’ll never forget sitting on one of our first dates at a complete loss for words, unable to articulate my answer or even wrap my head around it.  I realized in that moment that I couldn’t fully define success and it make me totally uncomfortable.  I had been chasing the word “success” since I could remember but I realized that I had never fully honed in on whether it included attaining a certain dream, hitting a particular salary, etc. While success is still an ever-changing definition for me, now that I’m a mom, I want to open up about how it’s shaping my daily life.  In addition to today’s outfit post, I’m rounding up some tips in terms of how to reshape your view of success too (especially if you’re a perfectionist like me).


At almost 8-months old, Naiya has two teeth that have completely grown in on the bottom. Her smile is now the cutest thing ever (but then again we know we’re completely biased!). Since she’s continuing to teethe away (more Naiya updates here), we’re always on a quest for toys that will keep her as comfortable as possible.  Rounding up three of our favorite must-have teething toys today in case you’re in the market for some too. In our house, we can never have too many!