Our fam is walking out of 2020 with the same determination that Sadie has in this photo. The biggest mazels to everyone for making it to the end of this unbelievable year. It stopped us all in our tracks and took our breath away. It taught us to slow down and savor the little things. It was scary, uncertain, uncomfortable and transformative. Millions of people suffered–both outwardly and silently.  And perhaps the craziest part?  The entire world was in it together. 2020 reminded us that our health is truly everything. Somehow, despite all of its countless hardships, 2020 flew by. 


I never thought I’d be “that” mom who bought matching outfits for her daughters AND herself. Growing up, my mom used to dress my sister and I in matching outfits but it was the 90’s, we were seven years apart and I remember feeling so not cute and pretty mortified. But truth be told, 12 weeks into becoming a mama of two, I’ve officially become my mother! I’m finding the whole matching family outfit thing to be kind of addicting and fun! Who am I?! 


Have you ever thought about what success means to you? Have you ever really taken the time to break it down? My husband was one of the first people to ask me these questions.  I’ll never forget sitting on one of our first dates at a complete loss for words, unable to articulate my answer or even wrap my head around it.  I realized in that moment that I couldn’t fully define success and it make me totally uncomfortable.  I had been chasing the word “success” since I could remember but I realized that I had never fully honed in on whether it included attaining a certain dream, hitting a particular salary, etc. While success is still an ever-changing definition for me, now that I’m a mom, I want to open up about how it’s shaping my daily life.  In addition to today’s outfit post, I’m rounding up some tips in terms of how to reshape your view of success too (especially if you’re a perfectionist like me).


I can’t believe I’m officially six months preggo today.  I know I still have a bunch of time to go but this feels like such a big milestone.  When I first started to experience terrible morning sickness back in December, I remember wondering how I could possibly make it through a week, let alone six months of nausea. So thankful that I’ve come this far! The human body is truly amazing and I still can’t believe I’m growing a human.


Phil and I are beyond excited to finally share some news we’ve been dying to tell you for a long time: we’re pregnant! We are expecting our first baby August 24th and could not be more thrilled to finally break the news!  As I write this, Phil and I are currently seated in the most picturesque hotel room in Maui overlooking the ocean and I am exactly 22-weeks pregnant today. We’ve been celebrating our baby moon this week, as well as our second wedding anniversary (also today!) and we feel so incredibly lucky to be here. This pregnancy has not been an easy one so far and the fact that we are able to take the time to celebrate here in paradise is all the more special.