TGIF! Finally posting after a few weeks of madness on our end that has precluded me from being able to do it all. I had to surrender and take a tiny break from writing which was so not easy!  Naiya had pink eye, Phil had the flu, then both of our families came to town.  It’s been a few weeks of craziness but I think we’re finally going to be able to come up from air this weekend. Sharing the latest and greatest with you today: a vintage-inspired look I’ve been living in. Absolutely in love with this polkadot top with an oversized bow. Sharing all of the details below.


I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and I jumped into the work week feeling relaxed and ready for a new year.  My hubby planned the perfect day: a hike at Runyon Canyon with a few friends and lunch at our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, El Coyote.  The older I get, the more I savor days like this. As our friends are moving into new phases of their lives–getting married and having babies–gathering those closest to us all in one place is becoming more and more special.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Phil and I celebrated the holiday early over the weekend because we knew he would be away on a business trip on the actual day. We were able to have a staycation at a hotel in Anaheim together where his parents were visiting for a conference. It was so nice to get out of LA for the weekend and to spend time together.



It’s been a trying week to say the least so I’ve been doing my best to keep myself busy and creative as I delve into so many poignant articles and social media posts pertaining to this week’s intense election. I’m constantly racking my brain to figure out what I can do to help at this very tumultuous time. In the meantime, so thankful to have some good news to share in today’s post: I’m teaming up with Jord Watches for a fabulous giveaway. More info below!