I’ve been on the east coast for the past week shooting a series for work. I haven’t had the opportunity to film in Manhattan since before I moved out to Los Angeles ten years ago and it’s been such an amazing experience to be back. There’s something about New York that has always made me come alive in a very different way than Los Angeles. The two cities are really apples and oranges even though the entertainment industry exists in both and of course one of the major differences is weather!


Arielle Worona of the blog RELish By Arielle wearing a green accordion skirt from Zara

I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family on the east coast later this week. It’s been such a busy few months that I’m finding myself counting down the minutes until Phil and I are able to come up for air even for just a little bit.  We’re thankful for so many things this year and we truly can’t wait to be able to slow down to enjoy some very overdue time with loved ones.


aerial yoga los angeles

I had the pleasure of taking an amazing aerial yoga class at Air Fit Los Angeles last night where I learned how to hang around in style (or sort of in style–I’m still learning!).  It was an amazing workout that utilized a ton of core and arm strength.  Since working out is such an important part of my daily routine, I decided to compile some of my favorite looks and accessories above for yoga, running and everything in between. I wore the most amazing yoga pants to class which are by Teeki.