Sharing a look today which I’ve been wearing on repeat whenever it dips below 60 degrees here in LA. After 15 years of living in LA from New York, my blood has definitely thinned. The college version me who walked to and from Syracuse University’s campus in sub-zero weather would be judging me heavily right now. Anyway, obsessing over these ribcage straight ankle Levis and cozy neutral sweater combo. My love for basic neutrals continues in 2022 as I continue working from home. Today, I’m sharing a review about these jeans since I’ve been living in them but sizing can be tricky.


I snatched up this black maxi cut-out dress for our trip to Bora Bora back in November. I’ve worn it on repeat ever since in so many ways, I wanted to share details here. I can’t recommend this dress enough. It’s extremely comfortable, lightweight, and you can dress it up or down so easily. Today, I’m styling this dress on the dressier side with pink accents. I’ve also worn it with Birkenstocks and dainty gold jewelry for running around town with the fam.


Los Angeles style and mom blogger, RELish By Arielle wears a one-piece black jumpsuit from Revolve

Throughout COVID times, I’ve found myself continually pairing down my closet. I find this so cathartic and truly believe that less is more. Part of my process in determining which looks will stay includes rating how versatile each piece is. How much use will I truly get out of it? When it comes to versatility, the jumpsuit I’m wearing in today’s snaps is one of my ULTIMATE favorites. It continually passes the test and has become one of my most-worn items. Today, I’m sharing where to snag this look and others like it, as well as how to style it up or down.


Los Angeles mom and style blogger wears a dress from Frances Valentine with sequins

We jumped into the first work day of the year yesterday ready to give 2022 our all. I already feel like I need a vacation from our “vacation”–aka holiday time “off” running around non-stop with the girls–but it was all worth it. We stayed local in LA throughout the holidays, especially since COVID numbers have been going up. Even though we initially wanted to travel, the extra time at home was so special. We were able to spend true quality time with the kids and also focus on organizing our home for the first uninterrupted time since we moved in.