My favorite way to dress up my everyday outfits is with dainty gold jewelry. Since finding high-quality jewelry that is still affordable isn’t always the easiest, rounding up some of my favorite pieces today. They are simple but definitely staples. Since I’ve received a number of messages asking where these pieces are from, sharing all of the details with you today.


Since I recently had two babies in just over two years, my hair has gone through A LOT of changes. While I have naturally big, curly hair, postpartum hair loss for me was and continues to be a VERY real thing. Sharing a few products I’ve been using this year (clickable above) to help my hair grow back healthier, thicker and stronger than ever. This post is not sponsored. I happen to have found products that are truly working for me so I wanted to share.


As this very uncertain time continues, I’ve found myself having a harder time than ever creating balance between work and family time. It’s SO difficult for me to actually find a way to shut down work when my office is in literally in my bedroom. Creating separation from the kids during the day when they’re constantly trying to knock down the door to my home “office” is also nearly impossible. And on top of it all, the mom guilt I feel when I have to pick zoom over cuddles in order to stay productive really weighs on me. #Quarantineproblems with kids!. Sharing a few tips with you today that I’m trying my best to follow this year in order to help create a better sense of work life balance. It’s not easy and I’m definitely still a work in progress but hopefully this resonates with other parents who are in a similar boat.


Cashmere is having quite the moment in my closet right now. I scooped up a bunch of light, comfy sweaters from Everlane for spring and now I’m officially hooked. Sharing a pink cashmere look with you today which I paired with one of my favorite tulle skirts, a classic belt, nude heels and white jacket.  Also sharing some recent photos of Naiya and Sadie. These two are truly growing a million miles per minute and the way they look at each other is officially melting my heart.


how to nail your first job in Hollywood

I had the privilege of speaking on a panel for Syracuse University recently and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in a long time.  I was able to chat with college juniors and seniors studying out here in LA for the semester as they geared up to apply for their first jobs. If these kids are any indication of our future, I left feeling like will be in great hands. They’re smart, they’re positive thinkers and they want to make a difference.  Since I haven’t shared too much about my work life outside of RELish with you here, this particular panel inspired me to open up a bit more about it.  So without further ado, today, I’m sharing my favorite secrets on how to nail your first job in Hollywood. If you read this and you do end up making it, I ask only that you continue to pay it forward, that you always stay humble and most importantly, that you hire Naiya as your assistant someday.