Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle, shares bedroom inspo for little girls' rooms
Since the top of quarantine, I’ve found myself designing and re-designing Naiya’s bedroom.  Slowly but surely, we’ve been converting her space from a nursery to a “big girl room.” She is especially inspired by rainbows, unicorns and clouds right now so as you can see above, her room has become a melting pot of ALL of these things.  Naiya knows EXACTLY what she likes and she’s never afraid to make this crystal clear! Girlboss in training. Some decor in her room is left over from her nursery while others pieces new.  Rounding up a bunch of bedroom inspo today which I’m currently loving for little girl’s rooms.  Since we’re all stuck at home, I’m all for reinventing our spaces to help us stay inspired, comfy and happy.


When Sadie started walking at 9 months old, she had all of the determination in the world.  Everywhere she walked, she strutted with purpose and she tried her very best to keep up with her big sister.  We snapped these photos back in October just before Sadie’s first birthday. If you scroll down to the first photo below, it’s one of my favorite photos of Sadie ever.  It perfectly captures her spirit and confidence and it melts my heart. I hope she walks like this into her first day of school, into the college of her dreams and even her first job interview someday. Rounding up a number of shots today from this particularly warm day in October when Sadie was running around in the most beautiful park in Pasadena, California with all the gusto in the world.


Naiya, Sadie and I are SO excited for Valentine’s Day this year, we’re already living in all the heart-shaped glasses over here! We also have our eyes on heart-shaped pajamas, cozy pink slippers, earrings, and everything in between. Rounding up some of our fave Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you today above and sharing all of the details below.


Our fam is walking out of 2020 with the same determination that Sadie has in this photo. The biggest mazels to everyone for making it to the end of this unbelievable year. It stopped us all in our tracks and took our breath away. It taught us to slow down and savor the little things. It was scary, uncertain, uncomfortable and transformative. Millions of people suffered–both outwardly and silently.  And perhaps the craziest part?  The entire world was in it together. 2020 reminded us that our health is truly everything. Somehow, despite all of its countless hardships, 2020 flew by. 


Last weekend, I took Naiya on a special date to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Since it’s the first year she is completely enamored by the holidays, I wanted her to see the beautiful holiday lights and decor. As I recently shared here, we haven’t left our little bubble in what seems like forever so an hour or so out felt like a mini vacation. After all, it’s the little things in 2020 that make us light up; what a year it’s been!