I’ve officially entered a new stage of quarantine fashion–the ‘all dresses everything’ (and overgrown eyebrows) phase. I’ve been living in romantic maxi dresses over the past few weeks because they’re SO much comfier than pants in this 100 degree heat!  I also love that they instantly make me feel more put together while Zooming away all day every day from my home office. Rounding up a few of my favorite romantic dresses of the moment–all at different price points. 


As I recently shared here, I’ve finally started to get back into painting for the first time since having Naiya and it feels so liberating. I don’t think I realized how important it is to have this creative outlet that allows me to completely decompress until I became a mom.  New mom life is so rewarding but it can also be beyond draining! Painting has become my secret sauce for true relaxation and I’ve  greatly enjoyed infusing it back into my life at least once a week. Sharing what creativity means to me today along with some recent creative mother-daughter moments with Naiya and I below.



THE DESIGNER: In honor of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week drawing to a close in New York City this week, I’ve decided to look ahead to another fabulous fashion show coming up–this one, in Los Angeles.  The show will feature Alex Blas, an artist-turned fashion designer who is turning heads on the west coast.  After showcasing his collection during last season’s LA Fashion Week, he is now debuting an entire womenswear collection.  The inspiration for his new collection comes from a Mexican movie star from the early 1900’s–Dolores Del Rio.