Los Angeles mom and fashion blogger, RELish By Arielle wears black and white

This weekend, I celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time as a mama of two girls. Thanks to Daylight Savings, I got an extra hour of snuggle time with my two minis yesterday morning.  I thought about how proud I am to be raising two girl bosses. I’m head over heels in love with being a girl mom and I can’t wait to see who these two grow up to be. Sharing some recent photos with my girls today as well as our outfits. Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.


I’ve been on a quest to revamp my entire denim wardrobe for a few months now (more about that here). After my “fourth trimester,” it was so difficult to figure out what actually fit and what I would feel most comfortable in.  Post-baby, pants were the hardest part! While I was no longer prego, I still had a bump and buttoning pants was the worst. Sharing one of my favorite pairs of white denim I scooped up recently. This pair of pants is so versatile, perfect for the office and thanks to their high waist, I found them to be a lifesaver post-baby too.