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One of my favorite parts about living in Los Angeles is that I can drive about 20 minutes in any direction and end up in a landscape that looks completely different.  About 20 minutes west of us is the ocean and about 20 minutes north, you can end up in an enchanting forest landscape overlooking the entire city.  Today’s outfit is one which I would usually wear to the office but I loved styling it out in one of these beautiful locations instead.



I’m so excited for today’s collaboration with LA-based floral design extraordinaire, Carly Cylinder. Carly is the Founder & Creative Director of Flour LA, a bicoastal floral design company that provides nontraditional designs using eco-friendly flowers. She’s also the author of the upcoming how-to book, The Flower Chef (officially out March 1st). As a huge fan of floral anything and everything, I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to spend time with Carly. 


best red lipstick

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip color that subtly enhances my lips without adding too much extra color.  Throughout the summer months, I was a big fan of adding a statement lip with bright reds or pinks (like the one pictured above). But with tons of weddings coming up and a need for a more natural glam look this fall, I’ve decided to go back to the basics. Behold–I have finally found the light pink holy grail (and two fabulous glosses to put over it) and I can’t get enough.  The best part? This color works equally well on all different skin tones.


Phil and I are so excited to finally share our wedding trailer by the very talented Karl Stelter. Our wedding took place at the McCkormick Home Ranch in Camarillo, California on April 19th and we can’t believe it was over three months ago already!  Time is flying by so quickly (but it’s SO much less stressful without the countless hours of wedding planning)!  We feel so thankful to finally have this video in hand so that we can relive the best day of our lives over and over as many times as we want.