Dressing the bump for weddings and other fancy occasions isn’t always the easiest. It’s hard to pick the dresses out in advance because you never know what size you’ll be.  They also tend to be extra expensive. I attended a wedding this weekend at almost 7 months pregnant and it took me forever to find an outfit I felt comfortable in.  For anyone else in the same boat, linking to my favorite black tutu skirt that fits really well over the bump as well as some other bump-friendly dresses I’m loving right now. Enjoy!


It’s been such a whirlwind of a week since I last posted! Phil, Naiya and I flew to New York City for a wedding last Friday and we visited with friends and family throughout the weekend. Although we arrived back in LA on Monday, I feel like I’m still recovering! Traveling with our almost one-year old was so much more exhausting than when Naiya was a newborn (more about our first trip with her here). Likewise, along with today’s outfit post, I’m rounding up my Top 5 Tips For Surviving Flights With Your Toddler using all of the intel we learned along our trip. I know we could have used all the advice we could get before our trip so hopefully today’s post will help other families taking the travel plunge with their little ones in the near future.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I was convinced I was having a boy.  Even when our ultra sound technician and OB confirmed that we were having a girl, I still couldn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until Naiya finally came out that I realized it was time to start accessorizing away.  I hadn’t bought a thing for her yet at that point and I couldn’t wait to start.  Naiya’s style has since run the gamut from completely gender-neutral all the way to full-out girly girl. Today, we went with the latter and accessorized with all pink everything because I couldn’t help myself.  Sharing a mom and baby look with you today that I’m already excited to look back on someday.