I blinked and we officially have a three year old!  I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point but I truly can’t believe how quickly time is FLYING by with my girls.  Also, the growth between ages 2 and 3 is truly mind-blowing!  Last year at this time, Naiya was a baby who had just started nursery school and this year, she’s a non-stop talking tiny person (who is home with us all day during this global pandemic but of course, that’s another story!). Sharing photos today from our special, low-key birthday weekend together and a Naiya update below too. It wasn’t the birthday celebration we would have planned but since Naiya was smiling the entire time, it was definitely one for the memory books. 


relish 21 I love spicing up my wardrobe with bright colors so when I saw this dress at Target for just $25.00 this week, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it (and I highly recommend it!).  I ended up dressing up this uber-affordable dress with these studded heels and I love how they ended up looking together.  I topped off the look by draping my favorite leather jacket over my shoulders to add some extra edge.