I can’t believe Naiya is 17-months and will be turning a year-and-a-half on the 30th.  I keep blinking and months seem to be flashing right by.  Naiya is growing like crazy and her little thigh rolls are starting to slim out (cue the ugly tears!) She’s a full-out toddler now and I find myself scrolling through her photos from a few months ago wondering where our baby went. Rounding up our outfits of the day today as well as a mom and baby update.


Naiya and I have had the best time visiting family in upstate New York this week. I can’t believe we already head back to LA tomorrow!  I’ll be flying solo with her this time around so wish me luck–I have no idea what to expect! Temps here have been in the 20’s and 30’s but I’ve really enjoyed it. There’s something so refreshing about wintery weather during the holiday season–especially when you know you’ll be headed back to the warmth soon.  Excited to get back to the west coast so that I can wear more outfits like this without freezing.