I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m truly not sure how it’s already December but here we are! As we’re all experiencing this second big wave of COVID-19 and many of our cities are locking down again, virtual learning continues to be our go-to. Amidst a sea of SO many virtual classes to choose from for our little ones, I’m so happy our family found Hello Sawyer.  Today, I’m  sharing more intel about why we’re so obsessed and we’re letting you in on a special sale the company is offering right now for a limited time before the holidays.


Just over seven weeks into parenthood, we are doing our very best to settle into a routine. That said, it’s very hard to nail one down because whenever we think we’ve found one, Naiya switches everything up and surprises us big time. I guess she’s helping us to learn our first big lesson in parenthood–new babies are almost always unpredictable so you have to go with the flow! This is not easy for type-A planners like us but we’re getting more used to it and she’s teaching us so much along the way.


Celebrating 29 weeks of pregnancy today! Phil and I finally took our first class last night at LA’s The Pump Station and it was super eye-opening. It was a three hour breast feeding class (lucky Phil!) and now I’m bracing myself for the first three months of motherhood even more so than before (but I’m thankful for all of the intel!). Thankful for such a supportive hubby


Still blogging away from the chilly east coast but it’s been an amazing trip full of really exciting shoots. Posting a spring dress today that I can’t wait to wear again when I get back to the fabulously warmer weather of LA. So excited for some sunshine. I absolutely love this dress and know I’ll get a ton of use out of it this spring and summer. The best part is that it’s currently 40% off! It’s so comfy and I also love all of the fun details on the sleeves and trim. 


Arielle Worona of the blog RELish By Arielle wearing a green accordion skirt from Zara

I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family on the east coast later this week. It’s been such a busy few months that I’m finding myself counting down the minutes until Phil and I are able to come up for air even for just a little bit.  We’re thankful for so many things this year and we truly can’t wait to be able to slow down to enjoy some very overdue time with loved ones.