pink faux fur and pearl collar holiday dress

Merry Christmas and happy belated Hanukkah! Celebrating today in a holiday dress with the cutest pearl collar and a pop of pink faux fur. Phil and I are celebrating away today with family at our new home in Los Angeles.  We feel so fortunate to be able to host Phil’s family and have enough room for them to stay this year for the first time! So much has changed since last December! At the time, we were living in a glorified one bedroom apartment and now we are homeowners and parents of an almost four month old! Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it all seems so surreal. 


Arielle Worona of the blog RELish By Arielle wearing a green accordion skirt from Zara

I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family on the east coast later this week. It’s been such a busy few months that I’m finding myself counting down the minutes until Phil and I are able to come up for air even for just a little bit.  We’re thankful for so many things this year and we truly can’t wait to be able to slow down to enjoy some very overdue time with loved ones.



I love finding little pockets of Los Angeles that make me feel like I’ve traveled far away.  I pass this beautiful home on my morning runs everyday that looks like a French Chateau. Its walls are covered in ivory and there are beautiful gardens surrounding it.  My outfit today was inspired by this backdrop.