Lauraspills Earrings

Happy Friday! I just got back to LA from a great shoot for the Verizon Go90 App in Boise, Idaho (more info on that coming soon!). I’m excited to share some new outfit posts and fashion illustrations with you next week but in the meantime, I’m sharing some details about a pair of earrings I’ve recently added to my collection.  As a big supporter of small businesses and entrepreneurs, I am excited to team up with Italian-based designer, Laura’s Pills in a collaboration today. 



When it comes to earrings, I am a studs sort of girl all the way.  Sure, I occasionally love to wear a dangly pair of earrings here and there but I often opt for earrings I can get away with day after day with any outfit (since I usually forget to take them off before bed). Today, I’m wearing Druzy Stud Earrings by Justine Brooks, a Canadian-based jewelry designer who I just can’t get enough of.  Her line is full of raw, natural and precious materials that all add a bit of extra sparkle to any outfit.  I paired these earrings with my white tweed jacket, nude pumps and collared shirt and I love that they add a little something extra.  They are perfect for the office (where I’m wearing them today), and I look forward to snatching some up some more of these earrings in different colors soon.



During the hot summer months in Los Angeles, it’s tough to add as many layers as I would like to my outfits.  Over the past few years, I’ve found a solution: I’ve become totally obsessed with scarves–to the point where my closet is full of them and I can never have enough.  I picked this comfy linen scarf out today as my layering piece and based the rest of my outfit around it.  From there, I decided to keep my outfit simple–comfy black linen shorts, a black tank and Birkenstocks (I can’t get enough of these sandals this season). I wrapped my giant scarf around my neck twice before tying the two ends in a knot to create an “infinity” scarf look.