One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is making personalized homemade gifts. I may or may not have a D.I.Y. addiction so I’ve been posting a bunch of ideas that are inexpensive and easy for you to make at home too. Here are a couple of other D.I.Y. projects for you to check out:

D.I.Y. Organic Body Scrub:
DIY Body ScrubTo make your own Body Scrub, you will need two cups of organic granulated sugar and one cup of organic melted coconut oil. You will also need essential oil in your favorite scent. I love vanilla and lavender mixed together–10-15 drops of each–but it’s totally up to you.

Pour your sugar and coconut oil in a bowl and stir until they form a thick paste. Next, add your essential oil(s) and stir the mixture again. Spoon the mixture into your containers and seal. Add fun packaging embellishments like ribbons, personalized labels, etc. Your body scrub is ready for friends and family to enjoy this holiday season and beyond.

Evil Eye Charm Bracelet:
Evil Eye Bracelet
For this dainty bracelet, you need some chain, evil eye charms with double hooks (one hole on each side), a pair of jewelry pliers, a clasp and a bunch of jump rings. First, measure your chain around your wrist. Leave a bit of extra room so it’s comfortable and so that it will definitely fit the wrist of whoever this bracelet is for.

Choose as many evil eyes as you want to use for your bracelet. I chose three because I liked the simple look but choose however many you want. For a bracelet with three evil eyes like mine, cut your chain into four equal pieces. Loop one jump ring through the holes on each side of the evil eye charms.

Next, loop one end of your chain through each loop. Your charms and chain will then be connected. Once you have used all of your chain and evil eye charms, it’s time to add a clasp at the end of your bracelet. Loop a jump ring through your clasp and attach it to the end of the chain. Your bracelet is all set to be gifted. Enjoy!


‘Tis the season to shower your loved ones and friends with gifts. Although it’s always exciting to receive store-bought items from our wish lists, the older I get, the more I appreciate the sentimentality of homemade presents. Here are some fun ideas that you too can make without breaking the bank:

D.I.Y. Holiday Tea Light:
DIY Tea Lights
For these D.I.Y. tea lights, all you need is a mason jar, sparkles in whatever color you choose, a bowl, paintbrush, some ribbon, glue and a candle. First, squeeze some glue into a bowl and add one part glue, one part water–in equal amounts. Stir the glue mixture with your paintbrush.

Next, dip your brush into the glue and water mixture. Paint the entire inside of your mason jar with this mixture. Next, take a spoonful of sparkles and put them into the mason jar. Spin the mason jar carefully around or shake it if you have a top for it. The sparkles should stick to the sides of the jar. Empty out any extra sparkles if there are some floating around on the bottom of the jar.

Tie some ribbon around the top of your mason jar or leave it as is. Once the sparkles have dried completely, add some glue to the bottom of your candle. Hold the candle by the wick and carefully place it in the jar. Your tea light is ready to go!

Studded Headband:
Studded Headband
This studded headband is a lot of fun to make and I love that it’s so comfortable and rocker-chic when it’s finished. All you need are studs–any kind will do–but you need to find ones that have bendable metal prongs on the back. You also need elastic. I used 1/2 inch-wide black elastic but you can use whatever you prefer.

First, wrap the elastic around your head and measure how much you need. Take a hair tie and sew the ends of the elastic around each side of the hair tie so your headband will be flexible and comfortable for any sized head. Next, poke your studs through the headband. I covered mine in studs but you can add as many or as few as you want. Wrap your headband in a fun gift box and voila, you have a fabulous holiday gift ready to go.