Los Angeles blogger, RELish By Arielle shares how she meditates during the global pandemic

For the past few months, I’ve been on a mission to find a little slice of zen amidst the CRAZIEST YEAR EVER.  Since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so, sharing some tips below that have been working for me.  All of these ideas may sound rather simple but I’ve found them to be extremely helpful during this social distancing time. I can only hope that they help you too!


KDeer Yoga Pants

Today’s outfit post features my favorite line of hot yoga wear, K-Deer which just so happens to be owned and designed by one of my friends–a fellow alum from Syracuse University–Kristine Deer.  As an avid hot yogi myself, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, fashionable and beautifully-made pieces that can withstand the uber-hot temperatures of our classes. Kristine has absolutely nailed the perfect legging (not to mention hot yoga shorts, tanks and everything in between!) and I can’t recommend her line enough.


kdeer illustration

I had the pleasure of attending Syracuse University with an amazingly talented entrepreneur name Kristine Deer. Even back in college, I remember that Kristine was talented beyond her years–she was always sewing and sketching away and she was always able to seamlessly construct her designs so beautifully.  She later went onto launch K-Deer, her own line of “haute yogawear” out of New York and I’ve been following along from LA ever since.


aerial yoga los angeles

I had the pleasure of taking an amazing aerial yoga class at Air Fit Los Angeles last night where I learned how to hang around in style (or sort of in style–I’m still learning!).  It was an amazing workout that utilized a ton of core and arm strength.  Since working out is such an important part of my daily routine, I decided to compile some of my favorite looks and accessories above for yoga, running and everything in between. I wore the most amazing yoga pants to class which are by Teeki.