Naiya is officially 18-months (going on 18) today and I’m sitting here wondering where our baby went! When Naiya was first born, every parent I knew told me to savor every stage because it flies by so quickly.  Now,  I’m the mama telling every pregnant mom I know the exact same thing because it really is impossible to imagine until you’re in it. Our mini is truly non-stop these days and I’m excited to share the latest and greatest Naiya photos and updates with you below. As you scroll through, keep in mind that almost all of Naiya’s giant smiles were from listening to ‘Baby Shark’ (for a change) on my phone. What is it about that song?! The rest of her smiles were from me jumping around like a crazy mama trying to keep that smile going. Either way, her face is priceless!


I’ve been on a quest for a perfect, comfy, pair of loafers for a long time. Part of my fashion New Year’s resolution was to pair down my closet to more classic pieces that would last for years to come and to part with trendier pieces. I’ve especially been sticking to these rules when it comes to shoes because I love that a well-made pair of shoes can last for decades if you care for them properly. So excited to share why I splurged on Gucci loafers, which pair I ended up buying and why I think they’re totally worth it.