green accordion skirt zara

Happy Thanksgiving!  This year, I’m thankful for many things but especially the fact that I’ll be able to celebrate today with my extended family for the first time in years. This will also be the first time I get to spend the holiday on the east coast with my husband, Phil. The two of us have stayed in LA for the past few Thanksgivings but this time around, we’re excited that we were able to travel.


My cousin tied the knot this past weekend in a full-out D.I.Y. wedding in a breathtaking remote forest in Bend, Oregon. This is where she originally met her husband to be–as they both love nature and spent their first few years out of college working with kids in these forests. We must be related because she prided herself in painstakingly setting everything up by hand–from the hand-crafted personalized glass mugs all of her guests received upon entering the event (which we could use all night instead of dirtying numerous glasses a piece)–to the meals carefully prepared by tons of the couple’s friends who volunteered to make this wedding a true labor of love.