I'm loving friendship bracelets this summer. Here's one I'm in the middle of making.
I’m loving friendship bracelets this summer. They add some bright and fun flair to any outfit. Check out one I’m in the middle of making.

When I was a kid, I would spend hours making colorful friendship bracelets. I’d try my hand at developing all different patterns that I hoped my fellow classmates would love (and I had huge glasses and looked very much like Little Miss Sunshine but that’s a whole other story). Next, I’d bring the bracelets into school to see if anyone would buy them for a couple bucks at lunch. Soon, I became a third grader with a mini side business. Those were the days! Recently, I’ve been seeing similar bracelets popping up all over Los Angeles-–in stores and at flea markets. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to pick up the art of designing these again. I am surprised that my hands remember exactly what to do. Here’s a sneak peak at a RELish friendship bracelet in the works. I’m challenging myself to complete it by tomorrow so we’ll see what happens. I’m updating its ’90′s look by adding some vintage studs I found at a local leather shop on Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to post the finished product soon!


RELish Is BornRELish Your Charms RELish Bracelets RELish Your FriendshipI am so excited to present this site and all of the accessories I have been working so hard on. There are tons of accessories now available for purchase and I am also proud to be taking custom orders at this time.

If you are interested in purchasing personalized jewelry as merch for your band or for any special event–RELish By Arielle can make it happen. “Create it. Wear it. Love it.”

I am so thankful for everyone’s ongoing support!