Lifestyle blogger Arielle Worona of Relish By Arielle wearing Free People’s embroidered boho top

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th weekend! This was the hottest weekend I can remember since living in Los Angeles for over a decade. It was 115 degrees on Saturday in the valley and we felt like we were basically living on the sun. Thankfully, we spent the 4th cooling off at a friend’s beautiful pool. After that, though, Naiya and I ended up getting sick. This was Naiya’s second horrible cold and my first time being sick at the same time as she was. By Sunday, I could barely peel myself out of bed, let alone change dirty diapers and nurse her. Needless to say, it was kind of the worst. In better news, sharing some photos of a must-have boho top I’m loving for summer from before I was down for the count. 


Blogger RELish by Arielle sips green tea in her fave cardigan.
Sipping green tea in my new fave cardigan

This zip-up cardigan was the first thing I bought on my first hour-long shopping trip with a friend after having Naiya. I had been going through major shopping withdrawal (not to mention I’d been going completely stir-crazy stuck at home for so many weeks!) as I continued to heal from my c-section. We popped into Free People because it was the closest clothing store to my house and I so badly wanted to be able to shop but also get back to feed Naiya quickly. 


leather studs & light leaks-12

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! After a couple weekends in a row of traveling and having family in town on my end, it was nice to have a low-key, laid back weekend with my hubby and friends. Since many of us are LA transplants, we celebrated our dads from a far. Summer is officially here in Los Angeles–it was over 100 degrees this weekend and we’re already melting. 



The past couple of weeks have been so busy, I’m only just now starting to come up for air. Last weekend, I flew from LA to upstate New York for one of my best friend’s bridal showers and this past weekend, my family flew out to LA to celebrate my sister’s graduation from USC. My hubby and I are also in the midst of balancing work with prepping for our upcoming trip to Iceland! I’m excited to finally be able to gather some of my latest looks to share and we can’t wait for our upcoming travels.


My cousin tied the knot this past weekend in a full-out D.I.Y. wedding in a breathtaking remote forest in Bend, Oregon. This is where she originally met her husband to be–as they both love nature and spent their first few years out of college working with kids in these forests. We must be related because she prided herself in painstakingly setting everything up by hand–from the hand-crafted personalized glass mugs all of her guests received upon entering the event (which we could use all night instead of dirtying numerous glasses a piece)–to the meals carefully prepared by tons of the couple’s friends who volunteered to make this wedding a true labor of love.