I’m so excited for today’s collaboration with LA-based floral design extraordinaire, Carly Cylinder. Carly is the Founder & Creative Director of Flour LA, a bicoastal floral design company that provides nontraditional designs using eco-friendly flowers. She’s also the author of the upcoming how-to book, The Flower Chef (officially out March 1st). As a huge fan of floral anything and everything, I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to spend time with Carly. 



During the hot summer months in Los Angeles, it’s tough to add as many layers as I would like to my outfits.  Over the past few years, I’ve found a solution: I’ve become totally obsessed with scarves–to the point where my closet is full of them and I can never have enough.  I picked this comfy linen scarf out today as my layering piece and based the rest of my outfit around it.  From there, I decided to keep my outfit simple–comfy black linen shorts, a black tank and Birkenstocks (I can’t get enough of these sandals this season). I wrapped my giant scarf around my neck twice before tying the two ends in a knot to create an “infinity” scarf look.



Happy “hump” day, Everyone! Here is the second illustration in my latest collaboration with a Los Angeles-based accessories entrepreneur.  I posted the first of three illustrations earlier this week in a below post and as you can see, they both match.  I had a blast painting these in black and white and this painting has Swarovski Crystals too.  Looking forward to posting the third and final illustration in this collection soon!