Happy Monday! So thankful for a relatively restful weekend after so much travel for work. I finally feel like Phil and I are starting to check things off of our ever-growing baby to-do list and it feels amazing. We’ve signed up for a bunch of prenatal and childbirth classes over the next few weeks at LA’s The Pump Station and Cedars Sinai, we’ve officially created our registry and we’re slowly starting to pack for our move at the end of the month into our new home. 



Fall in Los Angeles is a season you kind of have to create for yourself. September through early November here are usually still extremely hot and I oftentimes find myself dreaming about fall back in upstate New York where I grew up. I miss the leaves changing color, brisk mornings, an actual need for hot drinks (let’s face it: pumpkin spice lattes in LA just don’t have the same ring to them) and most of all, I miss fall layers.


white denim x leather jacket-2

Phil and I are continuing to drive around Iceland’s ring road–the main road that creates a giant loop around the whole country. Each day of our trip has been so completely packed with hikes and sight seeing, the past week has completely sped by.  We can’t believe it’s almost time to fly back to LA but we could not be more thankful to have had this experience.