This is one of the first New Year’s Phil and I will not be spending on the east coast. His sister had her first baby this year (he’s so cute!) so his whole family flew out here in Los Angeles to celebrate. While I’m sad that we don’t get to celebrate the holidays at home, one of the pluses to staying out in Los Angeles is that I can wear almost anything I want to for New Year’s Eve without having to think about bundling up as I usually do. When I saw this light-weight, comfy gold jumpsuit, I couldn’t wait to wear it for the occasion.


ouidad curls

Since I can remember, I have completely idolized straight hair.  This, of course, has always been a big problem because I was born with curls upon curls (and frizz upon frizz!). My first memories trying to do my own hair include brushing out my curls, slicking them back with loads of gel, heavy duty hairspray and everything in between.  I was constantly trying to tame my hair to look like everybody else’s. By middle school, I was frying my curls with straightening irons and by high school, while I got closer to embracing my natural curls, I could never find the perfect hair products that would keep my curls intact all day long. And then I found Ouidad.