Naiya is officially 18-months (going on 18) today and I’m sitting here wondering where our baby went! When Naiya was first born, every parent I knew told me to savor every stage because it flies by so quickly.  Now,  I’m the mama telling every pregnant mom I know the exact same thing because it really is impossible to imagine until you’re in it. Our mini is truly non-stop these days and I’m excited to share the latest and greatest Naiya photos and updates with you below. As you scroll through, keep in mind that almost all of Naiya’s giant smiles were from listening to ‘Baby Shark’ (for a change) on my phone. What is it about that song?! The rest of her smiles were from me jumping around like a crazy mama trying to keep that smile going. Either way, her face is priceless!


Now that I’m a mom, getting ready in the morning has become a much bigger challenge.  I used to get up slowly, leisurely pick out my outfit of the day, go on a long run and shower.  Those were the days…and those days are long gone.  The more mobile Naiya is getting, the less time I have to pick out outfits and the less time I have to make myself look presentable (let alone shower!). Thankfully, over the past few weeks, I think I’ve found the secret to getting dressed quickly: curating a “capsule collection.”  Hello, game changer!


Teaming up with Gray Monroe today to share a classic black romper I’ve been living in recently. I love that it’s not technically maternity but that it has such a comfy, loose fit. I also love that it’s wearable now, a couple of months down the road when my bump is sure to pop even more and hopefully after pregnancy too. Better yet, it’s currently on sale for just $30.00 so you can’t go wrong (pregnant or not!).


Excited to finally see the sun in Los Angeles after what seems like weeks straight of rain! It’s been such a great winter for our crazy drought but selfishly, I’ve been missing our usual beautiful California weather. Hopefully it will be a much greener spring and summer! To celebrate the 70-something degree breeze today, I wore this comfy floral dress (similar here) (here) and (here). I was initially drawn to its bright color and cute little ruffles and it’s quickly become one of my favorite pieces to throw on in a pinch.