I’m excited to be a featured artist this weekend in a Downtown Los Angeles art show called “A Vagrancy Happening.” It will be a pop-up Art Gallery Extravaganza for the Award Winning LA-based theater company, ‘The Vagrancy.’

If you are LA-based and are looking for something fun to do Saturday night (and if you love wine and cheese bars), come and join us. I will be selling a huge collection of framed RELish By Arielle original fashion illustrations, as well as tons of original accessories. Entry is “pay what you can.” The event runs from 6pm-10pm.

Event Address:
Factory Place Artist’s Lofts
1308 Factory Place, Downtown, LA
Loft 111


THE LOOKS: T-Shirt/Rag and Bone / Chunky Sweater/Top Shop / Booties/Rag and Bone / Turquoise Purse/Rebecca Minkoff Cupid / Leather Shorts/Rag and Bone / Gold Bracelet/Vita Fede

Los Angeles is so hot all summer, it’s hard to imagine a time when any of us will want to cover up in layers. Fall is coming, though, whether we like it or not, and as a native New Yorker, I always look forward to the temperatures dropping a bit so I can pull out my sweaters, leather jackets and boots again. I’m already getting inspired by upcoming fall fashions so here are some of my first picks of the season.

I’m loving jewelry by Vita Fede because the accessories are so classic and they’re great gold or silver accents to any outfit. I’m also into big chunky sweaters this coming season because they’re great for layering. Rag and Bone is one of those lines I am completely inspired by this coming season–from their classic comfy tees to their shoes. I love that their boots are not only chic and comfortable, they’re also made of soft leather. Although they’re a bit on the pricier side, these boots are staple items that last for years and will not go out of style. Another designer I greatly look up to is Rebecca Minkoff because her bags are so well-made, the leathers used are so soft, beautifully-designed and they add a great rocker-chic pop of color to any outfit. Last but not least, I’m loving leather shorts for Fall because they are such a great transitional piece to rock as the seasons change.


Studded D.I.Y. Friendship BraceletsFriendship bracelets are generally made up of a bunch of knots tied in different patterns. Once you nail the main “stitch,” which I will describe below, the possibilities for your own friendship bracelet heaven are endless.

To create a bracelet like the ones shown above, you will need some embroidery thread which is also sometimes referred to as floss. Prism is a brand I love to use because this company provides so many great colors. You will also need measuring tape, scotch tape, a safety pin and a pair of scissors.

Embroidery FlossI used the following 6 colors: indigo, pink, turquoise, yellow, green and white.  Of course, you can choose any colors you want.

Once you have your embroidery thread in hand, measure out about 80 inches of each color. The longer the strands, the longer your bracelet can ultimately be but I’ve found this is a great length for most wrists.

Next, gather all of your colors together side by side and fold all of them in half so that all of the ends of the different colors of thread line up at the bottom. You will now essentially have two strands of each color in your hand and you will be holding a loop up top. Go ahead and tie a knot at this loop to keep all of the strand in place.

From here, tape your knot to a hard surface in front of you–like a coffee table (that’s what usually works for me). You can also put a safety pin through the knot and pin it to a surface that will help to keep the strands in place.

Each knot you are about to make is made up of you looping one strand of thread around the strand next to it and pulling the end of the first strand through it twice. I call it the “double knot stitch.” Here is an example of how the stitch itself looks:This double knot stitch is utilized throughout the whole friendship bracelet process. For my bracelet, I used “V” shapes and “Diamond” shapes. To make the “V” shapes, I split my threads in half–one group of the six colors on one side–and the second group of the six colors on the other.

From there, I would knot each color inward using the double knot stitch above until I reached the middle. Once both sides meet, I would then knot the last two strands in the middle (which should be the same colors) together, forming a “V” shape. Here is a diagram that is a big help when you’re first learning:

The “Diamond Designs” which you can begin to see further down my bracelet are a bit trickier. To help you out with these, I’m loving the following tutorial by Stripes and Sequins. Don’t be nervous to mess up your stitches. You can always take out stitches that didn’t go your way with a safety pin or needle.

Once your bracelet is at the desired length, simply tie a knot at the end. If you want to go ahead and add studs like I did for some extra edge, now is the time. I used six-sided studs this time around but there are tons of studs out there! Here are some others I’m inspired by which you can purchase on Etsy.Once you’re done, tie your bracelet around your wrist and knot it in place. Pair it with your favorite bangles. I am loving bangles by Alex and Ani because there are hundreds of personalized styles to choose from. I’m also loving amazing rocker chic bracelets by Rebecca Minkoff. Enjoy!

Here’s How My Bracelet Turned Out:


I'm loving friendship bracelets this summer. Here's one I'm in the middle of making.
I’m loving friendship bracelets this summer. They add some bright and fun flair to any outfit. Check out one I’m in the middle of making.

When I was a kid, I would spend hours making colorful friendship bracelets. I’d try my hand at developing all different patterns that I hoped my fellow classmates would love (and I had huge glasses and looked very much like Little Miss Sunshine but that’s a whole other story). Next, I’d bring the bracelets into school to see if anyone would buy them for a couple bucks at lunch. Soon, I became a third grader with a mini side business. Those were the days! Recently, I’ve been seeing similar bracelets popping up all over Los Angeles-–in stores and at flea markets. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to pick up the art of designing these again. I am surprised that my hands remember exactly what to do. Here’s a sneak peak at a RELish friendship bracelet in the works. I’m challenging myself to complete it by tomorrow so we’ll see what happens. I’m updating its ’90′s look by adding some vintage studs I found at a local leather shop on Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles. I can’t wait to post the finished product soon!