I can’t believe I’m officially six months preggo today.  I know I still have a bunch of time to go but this feels like such a big milestone.  When I first started to experience terrible morning sickness back in December, I remember wondering how I could possibly make it through a week, let alone six months of nausea. So thankful that I’ve come this far! The human body is truly amazing and I still can’t believe I’m growing a human.


foo fighters band tee-3

Topping off the week with a comfy casual look that I borrowed from Phil’s closet.  When this Foo Fighters band tee shrunk just a tad in the dryer, Phil said that I could wear it.  I have now “borrowed” it for a few weeks and it’s become one of my go to looks–especially on weekends.  Since this tee was one of Phil’s favorites, it’s perfectly worn in and soft and I’ve already styled it in a number of different ways.