Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so excited to round up our favorite Black Friday sales from a very chilly New York today. After having a big family meal with three generations this afternoon, we can’t wait to bundle up on the couch this evening to shop away.  Sharing where to snag some of our favorite steals and deals today and tomorrow, as well as where to scoop up our outfits from right before we left sunny California. We’re definitely not dressed like this today! We’re currently wearing about 50 more layers for sure and we’re freezing our buns off!  Naiya is looking a lot like the main character from “A Christmas Story” who is so bundled up, he basically falls right over. Hardcore #Californiamom vibes over here! I’m so obsessed with keeping my mini extra warm out here that I’ve probably gone a bit overboard.


red tank

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by these days. To think that it’s already been eight months since Phil and I tied the knot and that 2016 is now literally right around the corner blows my mind. Outfit-wise, though, I love that the end of the year means I get to become inspired by holiday looks once again.  It’s always my favorite time of the year to add an extra dose of glam into my wardrobe that can last throughout the rest of the year.