Jumping into our second week back to work after the New Year. After everything that happened last week, for all of our sakes, I’m hoping it will be uneventful! Since Naiya and Sadie are non-stop these days, we’ve been trying our best to take easy day trips into nature every weekend. Throughout the winter months in LA, you can drive less than an hour from our house and end up in the snow.  Just after the holidays, we took our girls to Mount Baldy for the first time and they fell in love with winter weather. They were bundled up like the cutest little snow bunnies and had the best time playing in the snow.


Over maternity leave, I went full Marie Kondo. I’ll blame it on the fourth trimester–a time when I was on a constant quest to find a sense of normalcy in my sleep deprived, laundry-heavy, baby snuggling days. One day while Sadie was napping, I felt such an urge to organize. I threw all of my clothes into one big heap on my bed and kept only the items that brought me the most joy. Everything else HAD to go and lets just say, I ended up donating a lot! With two pregnancies so close together, it felt liberating to finally clean out my closet to make room for new looks that actually fit.