LA mom and style blogger, RELish By Arielle shares gifts new moms really want

When most -people think about gifts to buy new mamas, they usually gravitate towards generous gifts for her new baby. While these are ALWAYS appreciated, I’ve learned it’s also important to brainstorm gifts for new mamas to enjoy during the postpartum period and beyond. After having Naiya, a friend gifted me the most beautiful “Naiya” necklace and to this day, I literally never take it off.  It was one of the most thoughtful, special gifts and it left such a lasting impact. So today, I’m rounding up gifts for new mamas (clickable below) to enjoy in case you’re racking your brain for what to buy them.


Whenever a new baby is born to one of our family friends, my mom always calls me two seconds later asking for creative gift ideas for new mamas.  After having Naiya, we were showered with the sweetest, most creative gifts from friends and family.  I guess my mom assumes we’ve learned what new parents really need and she’s probably right! But at the end of the day, every new mom is different and coming up with the perfect gift is never easy. I do think I’ve found a pretty universal gift that new moms might not expect that they’ll end up cherishing for years to come. Sharing what this gift is with you today and where you can snag one at an affordable price too.