I’m excited to be teaming up with Paul Mitchell today to share a less than 10-minute sleek curls for curly hair tutorial, as well as a fun giveaway of some of my favorite products from their new fall Neuro line (enter to win here!). I have naturally curly hair and while I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more as I’ve gotten older, there are some days where I still love to switch it up for a sleeker look. My go-to place to get blow-outs is Dry Bar but whenever I don’t have time to swing by there, I straighten my hair myself at home (which is not the easiest task with this crazy mane!). 


It’s been the busiest couple of weeks in the Galanty household but we’re finally coming up for air! After packing up our whole apartment in LA’s Miracle Mile area, we officially moved into our new home in the valley last Monday. Since we moved on a weekday and had an out-of-town wedding this past weekend, we haven’t had a weekend to unpack just yet. That said, our house is still full of boxes and they feel like they keep multiplying. Thankfully, my hubby has been helping big time (I can barely bend down anymore!) and I’ve been unpacking as much as possible every night after work.  We’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and we can already tell we’re going to love living here! 


I’m going on 31 weeks pregnant this week and my body officially feels like it has hit a wall. Every morning, I wake up ready to take on the world and by lunchtime (if not sooner!), I feel like I could crawl into bed for the night (and I totally would if I could!). As someone who’s used to packing my days to the max, this pure and utter exhaustion is such a foreign concept to me and all I want to is give in.  The problem is there is so much to do before our baby comes and I don’t feel like I have a minute to waste (at least for now!).