The silver lining of this quarantine period has been all of the extra time I’m getting to spend with both of my girls.  I love watching their relationship grow stronger by the day and watching them start to interact and play with one another is the sweetest.  But since Naiya still struggles with sharing me, I do my best to carve out one-on-one Naiya time every day because I know how important it is to her.  


blue skirt 8

I can’t get enough of midi skirts right now and this ice blue one (last seen here and here) has been a real wardrobe staple this fall.  I’ve been on a hunt for different tops to pair with it that are more flattering than always tucking in longer shirts and adding extra bulk.  This black crop top is one of my favorites and I found it on Nastygal.com. I love that it comes up in the front to show off the top of the skirt.


blue skirt

I have now been living in LA for over seven years and I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by.  I loved the feeling I had when I first moved to LA–everything was new and exciting and there were so many places to explore.  Since it’s easy to get too comfortable in any city you live in for a bunch of years in a row, I do my best to scope out new things to do and I love exploring new neighborhoods so that I can always keep a fresh outlook. This weekend, I got inspired by a beautiful neighborhood near my house that is full of luxurious mansions from the early 1920’s.