This pregnancy is flying by and my bump is getting bigger by the day.  As a second time mama to be, truth be told, I’m not paying as much attention to every pregnancy detail as I did when I was pregnant with Naiya.  I don’t always know exactly how many weeks (days and hours) pregnant I am or what size vegetable this baby is as I did last pregnancy.  Instead, this time around, it’s all about keeping up with Naiya, making sure I make it through every work day in one piece and everything in between!  As overwhelmed as I’ve felt recently, one thing that makes me feel better is having fun styling the bump. I’ve noticed I feel so much better when I feel a bit put together each day.  Sharing one of my favorite dresses of the moment that’s comfy for pregnancy and beyond (and it’s currently on sale!).  I’m excited to also round up nine other summer dresses I’m eyeing that are bump-friendly even though they’re not maternity. Non-pregos, all of the below picks should work for you too!


When I first saw this silk floral-patterned Sandro Paris dress, it was love at first sight. When I realized it was also 60% off, I knew I had to have it.  Sharing where to snag this little number and similar ones like it at a steal for fall. I’m currently tracking it down in every color because I’m obsessed. Reviewing how the sizing works too in case you’re ordering online and are hoping to nail the perfect fit without having to deal with returns. Enjoy!


Sharing one of my favorite basic weekend looks I’ve been wearing on repeat while running around town with Naiya. Not to sound completely cliche but now that I’m a mom, I rarely wear heels and these sneakers have become my go-to’s.  I feel like I’m constantly running a marathon chasing after Naiya and sneakers help me to run around so much quicker.  I love how they look when paired with this classic high-waisted denim skirt which I’ve previously worn here, here and here.


turbans for tots

Last week was my first week going back to work since having Naiya and it was so surreal. As excited as I was to actually get dressed, find my professional self again and have adult conversations that didn’t involve poop and spit-up, leaving Naiya was undoubtably hard.  Since Naiya and I had not been apart since she was born for more than a few hours at a time, saying goodbye to her for the whole day cold turkey felt like such a big step! I was mostly nervous because she still hadn’t learned how to take a bottle and I wasn’t sure if she would be able to eat the entire day without me there to nurse her (cue the new mom guilt and tears!). 


Blogger RELish by Arielle sips green tea in her fave cardigan.
Sipping green tea in my new fave cardigan

This zip-up cardigan was the first thing I bought on my first hour-long shopping trip with a friend after having Naiya. I had been going through major shopping withdrawal (not to mention I’d been going completely stir-crazy stuck at home for so many weeks!) as I continued to heal from my c-section. We popped into Free People because it was the closest clothing store to my house and I so badly wanted to be able to shop but also get back to feed Naiya quickly.