Hello, August 24, 2017! Phil and I have been dreaming of this day for what seems like forever because it’s our daughter’s official due date. Even though she’s not showing any new signs of coming out just yet, this still feels like such a special day and we’re so thankful to have made it here.  I’ve heard from so many other moms that first time moms usually go into labor late but I honestly can’t believe I’m still preggo!  We have our 40 week OB appointment today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we find out some good news.


KDeer Yoga Pants

Today’s outfit post features my favorite line of hot yoga wear, K-Deer which just so happens to be owned and designed by one of my friends–a fellow alum from Syracuse University–Kristine Deer.  As an avid hot yogi myself, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, fashionable and beautifully-made pieces that can withstand the uber-hot temperatures of our classes. Kristine has absolutely nailed the perfect legging (not to mention hot yoga shorts, tanks and everything in between!) and I can’t recommend her line enough.