After many hours of driving and countless breathtaking stops along the way, Phil and I made it to northern Iceland. We started out down south in Reykjavik last week and we’ve been making our way along the coastline of entire country. Today’s outfit post captures a small portion of our journey up here. While I assumed that the northern Iceland would be colder than the south, the weather has actually warmed up here and I was able to wear a fun, fluffy jacket instead of the heavy winter coat I’ve been living in for days. Southern Iceland felt so wintery, I kept forgetting it’s already summer weather back in the states.



I love finding little pockets of Los Angeles that make me feel like I’ve traveled far away.  I pass this beautiful home on my morning runs everyday that looks like a French Chateau. Its walls are covered in ivory and there are beautiful gardens surrounding it.  My outfit today was inspired by this backdrop.