Los Angeles mom blogger, RELish By Arielle, shares quarantine activities for toddlers

It’s crazy to think that March is this month when March was also last month. What year is it though?! Somehow, spring is right around the corner again! For the occasion, I’m refreshing my style with ALL the new sunnies. After all, the rest of my wardrobe is pretty content with quarantine basics right now (more here) and mama needs a fresh start! Sunnies-wise, I am noticing a lot of smaller, rectangular, retro styles and I’m here for it. Today, I’m rounding up a few of my favorites that I have my eye on in case you’re in the market for a sunnies refresh too.


A week and a half into our quarantine, I’ve been making it a point to create as much normalcy throughout my day as possible. It’s the least I can do throughout all of this uncertainty while balancing work and kids at home!  One way I’ve been doing this is by making sure I actually get dressed in the morning. The first few days working from home last week, I wore a lot of sweatpants on repeat.  This ended up getting old because I realized pretty quickly that they were making me feel sluggish and unproductive.  Sharing a dress with you today that I’ve been living in instead. It’s just as comfy as sweats but it looks and feels more presentable–especially on all of my zoom conference calls (AKA the new normal)! Styling it two different ways below while social distancing.


When it comes to accessories, I’m a shoe girl all the way.  I don’t often splurge on them but when I do, I love doing some digging first to make sure they are TRULY worth the cost. If I’m going to spend the money, I ALWAYS want to make sure that they’ll last for years to come.  I’ve had my eye on Golden Goose sneakers for a few years now because they’re so versatile and incredibly comfortable. That said, I didn’t pull the trigger on buying them because they came with such a high price tag. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular brand of shoe, it’s made in Italy by hand.  No two pairs are exactly the same.


I’ve been on a quest to revamp my entire denim wardrobe for a few months now (more about that here). After my “fourth trimester,” it was so difficult to figure out what actually fit and what I would feel most comfortable in.  Post-baby, pants were the hardest part! While I was no longer prego, I still had a bump and buttoning pants was the worst. Sharing one of my favorite pairs of white denim I scooped up recently. This pair of pants is so versatile, perfect for the office and thanks to their high waist, I found them to be a lifesaver post-baby too.


If there’s one print I’ve been buying on repeat this spring, it’s blue and white stripes.  I love that it’s classic, chic and that it goes with everything. I scooped up this comfy button-down shirt a few weeks back from Madewell and I’ve been pairing it with everything ever since. Rounding up my favorite blue and white striped pieces today as well as details behind where to snag this outfit.