2020 brought us many unexpected circumstances–including the unfortunate gift of “maskne.” Maskne is skin irritation and breakouts brought on by the friction of your mask rubbing against your skin and trapping moisture. Thankfully, my maskne hasn’t been TOO bad overall but the more I wear a mask, the more I’ve noticed small pimples popping up around my chin.  For anyone else who may be in the same boat, I’m rounding up ten masks at different price points that are helping to keep my skin as clear and healthy as possible. After all, not all mask materials are created equally!


I blinked and we officially have a three year old!  I’m sure I sound like a broken record at this point but I truly can’t believe how quickly time is FLYING by with my girls.  Also, the growth between ages 2 and 3 is truly mind-blowing!  Last year at this time, Naiya was a baby who had just started nursery school and this year, she’s a non-stop talking tiny person (who is home with us all day during this global pandemic but of course, that’s another story!). Sharing photos today from our special, low-key birthday weekend together and a Naiya update below too. It wasn’t the birthday celebration we would have planned but since Naiya was smiling the entire time, it was definitely one for the memory books. 


White tee’s are a big staple in my wardrobe. No matter how basic they are, though, finding the perfect one has always been tough for me. They often lose their shape in the wash, they don’t fit right or they’re just not flattering. If  you’re on the hunt for the perfect white tee too, sharing my current fave which happens to be on sale for just $15. Sharing where to snag it below and how I’ve been styling it too.  Topping off today’s post with some recent photos of Naiya and Sadie because what’s an outfit post without their smile faces, LBH?


Naiya is turning three years old this weekend! I literally blinked and here we are (I’m not crying, you’re crying!).  Naturally, I’ve been going down a Naiya photo rabbit hole back to the first moment I met her and it’s all just so surreal.  Sharing some recent snaps of Naiya and I during this everlasting quarantine in basic outfits we’ve been wearing on repeat. Commemorating the end of her being two and officially becoming a three-nager!


As quarantine continues, I’m continuing to soak in all of this extra time with my girls. Today, we’re all dressed up with nowhere to go but we’ve gotten used to this of course.  After singing “Let It Go” from ‘Frozen’ 25 times in a row, Naiya asked if we could wear matching princess dresses and she also wanted “ballerina buns” in her hair.  You ask and you shall receive in this household right now.  We put on matching white dresses and Naiya picked out baby Sadie’s floral onesie.  Linking to all of our looks below as well as some of our favorite family snapshots from the weekend. What month is it even? How much bigger can my eyebrows get?! After all, it’s about the most important questions right now. But in all seriousness, hoping everyone is hanging in there as best as possible in all of this craziness.