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I’m ringing in 2022 tonight with our little family feeling truly grateful. Sharing some photos of the girls and myself celebrating together, along with some reflections from 2021 and intentions for 2022. The last couple of years have taught us just how fleeting life is so we’ve spent much of 2021 in pursuit of what truly brings us joy. And while this year came with its fair share of low moments in addition to highs, I can honestly say that overall, it was one of our happiest ever.


Our fam is walking out of 2020 with the same determination that Sadie has in this photo. The biggest mazels to everyone for making it to the end of this unbelievable year. It stopped us all in our tracks and took our breath away. It taught us to slow down and savor the little things. It was scary, uncertain, uncomfortable and transformative. Millions of people suffered–both outwardly and silently.  And perhaps the craziest part?  The entire world was in it together. 2020 reminded us that our health is truly everything. Somehow, despite all of its countless hardships, 2020 flew by. 


Los Angeles fashion blogger, RELish By Arielle wears an ASOS metallic dress

Hello 2020! Halfway through January, I’ve finally gotten my act together enough to share my new year’s resolutions with you.  My hands have been so full with Sadie and Naiya over the past few months, the days keep melting away. Trying to savor all of the cuddles while not beating myself up too much about not being as productive as usual. After all, having the chance to sit behind my computer to type or get anything done for that matter has been so much more difficult than it was with only one baby! Mamas, can you relate? Excited to round up my top 5 new year’s resolutions below in hopes  that in writing them down, I’ll actually be able to continue sticking to them. Hoping that in sharing them, they’ll inspire you too. 



Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that 2017 is kicking off to a great, positive start. Phil and I wrapped out 2016 in a beautiful Airbnb cabin in snowy Big Bear, California. As a native New Yorker, the fact that I’m now vacationing to cold places means I’ve probably been in LA too long but I’m so happy we went. The cold felt so good and the snow was so homey and festive. Still very thankful to be a Cali girl though because we were able to drive back to the warmth and palm trees of LA in about two hours. Bye bye, winter!