Since many of us are still stuck in quarantine and dreaming of travel post COVID, we could all use a little digital getaway. Sharing some of our favorite snapshots from our babymoon in Kyoto, Japan exactly one year ago at the beautiful Yasaka Pagota in the Higashiyama District. The architecture throughout this city is so serene and relaxing, I can’t wait to go back someday (more here and here). We stayed right at the base of this incredible Pagota and waking up to this view was so memorable. In addition to these photos, sharing a basic comfy outfit for prego mamas who will someday be on the go again some day below.


Los Angeles Blogger RELish by Arielle loves her Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer
#stickingittobullies with my favorite Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer.

It’s no secret that I have big hair–I’ve had it my whole life.  I even earned the nickname “short puff” back in middle school when I used to wear my curls in a giant poof on top of my head because I did not yet know how to properly tame them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate my curls so much more (thanks to hair products that keep the curls in check!). I love that curly girls are able to get the best of both worlds: we can wear our #bighairdontcare loud and proud and we can also switch it up to get blow-outs that leave us with silkier locks (which often have lots of volume!).

I’m always on a quest for styling tools that help me to keep my hair healthy and looking as good as possible so naturally, I’ve fallen completely in love with a line of products that does just that.


I’m excited to be teaming up with Paul Mitchell today to share a less than 10-minute sleek curls for curly hair tutorial, as well as a fun giveaway of some of my favorite products from their new fall Neuro line (enter to win here!). I have naturally curly hair and while I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more as I’ve gotten older, there are some days where I still love to switch it up for a sleeker look. My go-to place to get blow-outs is Dry Bar but whenever I don’t have time to swing by there, I straighten my hair myself at home (which is not the easiest task with this crazy mane!). 


ouidad curls

Since I can remember, I have completely idolized straight hair.  This, of course, has always been a big problem because I was born with curls upon curls (and frizz upon frizz!). My first memories trying to do my own hair include brushing out my curls, slicking them back with loads of gel, heavy duty hairspray and everything in between.  I was constantly trying to tame my hair to look like everybody else’s. By middle school, I was frying my curls with straightening irons and by high school, while I got closer to embracing my natural curls, I could never find the perfect hair products that would keep my curls intact all day long. And then I found Ouidad.