Mamas with babies who are eating solids (or are about to start!), this post is for you. Sadie is obsessing over these Square Baby food puree meals that are delivered right to our door–fresh, delish and ready to go. Today, I’m sharing a review of the brand below as well as  some of our favorite snaps of Sadie and Naiya digging in. Let’s just say this shoot was messy (and wearing white probably wasn’t the best idea).


I can’t think of a better time for Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ to have come out other than during this quarantine. Have you watched it yet? We’re big fans over here (OMG, Joe Exotic’s music kills me), so naturally, our outfits have been reflecting just that. Sharing the cutest leopard onesie Sadie’s been living in the past few weeks as well as a comfy outfit I’ve been loving that feels like sweats but looks more put together.


This quarantine has given me the opportunity to go through a bunch of outfit posts I prepped but for one reason or another but never posted. I took these photos the week I found out I was pregnant with Sadie.  Soon after, I ended up getting the worst morning sickness that lasted until she was born and these shots got tabled along the way.  I can’t believe how much has changed in our lives since this shoot. Looking at them makes me even more excited to get back to our lives out in the world. Sharing outfit details below as well as links to some of my favorite vintage-inspired dresses of the moment. After all, our first date nights post-quarantine are going to be an amazing occasion to dress up and put on some red lips.


We’re officially almost three weeks into our quarantine and it’s hard to believe that social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. To take mind off of all the anxiety, I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping. One of my favorite places to do this is through ASOS–an online retailer that truly has ALL the things. ASOS has so many options at amazing price points, you could literally search through it for hours and never come across the same look twice. Today, I’m helping to silence the noise. I’m featuring an ASOS dress I’ve been living in lately as well as my latest ASOS wish list for all the comfy things you should know about.


Truthfully, I’m not sure where to begin this blog post. Since coronavirus has broken out all over the world, many of us have found ourselves quarantined to our homes. Millions are expected to become extremely ill, freedom as we knew it feels like it has vanished overnight and everything else has quickly started to feel so trivial. But, in the spirit of trying to inspire and keep our minds in as positive a place as possible, I’ve been trying to think of some ways I may be able to help in even the smallest of ways.  So, as someone who has always emoted through writing and through creating, I’m excited to share tips for working from home today while you have kids in tow.